Suppliers of the finest Frankincense of Oman committed to high standards of service along with the highest quality product, Natural Boswellia is based in the middle of the Dhofar region. Being here we are able to select the finest quality Hojari frankincense at its source, We are able to select the finest from the minute it leaves the Boswellia Sacra trees our region holds so dear.


Here at Natural Boswellia our unique business model and structure not only enables us to supply the highest quality product available but also to offer the same level of service and commitment. As westerners relocated and inducted into the true Omani way of life and understanding we are able to offer both the true Omani way of conducting business based on trust, pride and belief in the quality and heritage of our most valuable commodity, But also being able to conduct business in a streamlined transparent and easily communicated way. This is necessary for many businesses based outside the Middle East where trust in product and supply gives the security to enable business relationships to flourish and prosper.


Through this business ethos we have enabled our clients to maintain great customer retention while maximizing price margins based on constant quality and quantity . We really do cover the globe with clients from family run businesses in Australia where being able to rely on our supply and quality has helped them develop ranges of frankincense products unique to their market , to health and wellness centers in Canada , Split this in the middle with our Health and wellness people in Mayfair London and Asia and we really do have you covered.