Tree For The Future

As an Omani and British team of partners bringing together local and international knowledge and commitment in Omani natural products we realise what care we need to take of what we have

We know that the businesses we deal with are conscious as are we of the effects on the planet shipping has .With this in mind we have made a commitment to start giving back to the environment, the community growth and to the stability of the frankincense trade . Basically we are on a mission to make a difference   . We are confident that the NATURAL BOSWELLIA COMPANY  Tree for the future scheme gives  both immediate and long-term impact helping sustain frankincense and  business together .

With every wholesale international shipping order we will plant a new frankincense tree on our farm ,This will be labeled and dated with the hope that as we all grow together one day you will be receiving either the beautiful resin or our amazing wholesale essential oil distilled and packaged by us , made with frankincense harvested from your labelled tree .

The more we ship the more trees we will plant.