Omani frankincense is commercially available in four grades under the names HOJARI, NAJDI, SHATHARI and SHAABI based on four geographic locations in Dhofar from where the resins are harvested

The market price of the four grades varies considerably according to their colour, clump size and texture. Resin value is determined not only by fragrance but also by colour and clump size, with lighter colours and larger clumps priced higher click here to contact us the latest market pricing and availability


Oman Frankfincense – 1st Grade
Collected from the North Samhan Mountains in Dhofar region

2nd Grade Oman Frankfincense
Collected from the plateau behind the Dhofar mountains

3rd Grade Oman Frankfincense
Darker colour – collected from north west of Dhofar region

4th Grade Oman Frankfincense
Collected from the valleys surrounding Dhofar region

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